(The world of Skyler's creations)

What is Skyler?

I am Skyler! My name is Skyler Badalament-Tirrell. I'm 23 years old and the creator of Hetrea.

In case you need it, my Email is "[email protected]". That's probably the slowest way to get in contact with me though, as I check it rarely. Better ways of contacting me would be by commenting in the comments of either DotX (My webcomic) or SkyJam (My Youtube channel), or through my Art Blog on Tumblr. All of these can be accessed by clicking on the images above! The most reliable way to contact me would likely be via Discord or Twitter- There's a link to the Hetrea Discord server up above as well as a link to my twitter.

I went to public school from Kindergarten until halfway through 10th grade, when I chose to be homeschooled so I could focus my studies on Game Design and Art. I continued being homeschooled until I graduated. For a year and a half, I studied Computer Programming at Adelphi University before coming to the conclusion that I'm not interested in programing. I want to be involved in the artistic/design side of game design rather than the technical. Since then I've been working towards my dreams from home, and enjoying every step of the way!

I consider myself to be a storyteller. For as long as I can remember, I've been coming up with characters and places and weaving them together into one working world that I call Hetrea. What is Hetrea, you ask? Take a look over to the text on the right!

I'm really into art and video games, and it shows in my work! Please take a look around while you're here- DotX updates twice a week, and SkyJam updates every weekday at noon. You'll learn a lot more about me by following these, I promise!

What is Hetrea?

Good question!

Hetrea is the name I've given the planet on which all of my stories take place! More than just a planet, Hetrea functions as the hub world for all that I create. I thought it would be fitting to name this website Hetrea, as it's the hub for all that I do online!

The planet of Hetrea is unlike Earth. It does not revolve around its sun on any known axis. The concept of a regular day/night cycle is foreign to the inhabitants of Hetrea. The humans of Hetrea are not biologically identical to those of Earth. Humans on Hetrea, like nearly all sentient species on Hetrea, do not age with time. They age with expirience. This expirience can take form of litteral expiriences, or more abstract ideas like knowledge. Hetrea has five moons, though one is man-made.

While I could easily go on forever here about Hetrea, it is the sort of thing that I'd like everyone to learn about in small bits, as you check out all the things I've made. If you're looking for a place to start, I definately suggest my webcomic, DotX! It has/will delve into the culture and history of a species on Hetrea called Mobians. It'll also show and explain how magic works on Hetrea!

To learn even MORE about Hetrea and the tales that unfold there, I reccomend you head over to my Art Blog, or check out the old games I've made! Every one of those games takes place on Hetrea, though when/where might be a little ambiguous at first. I try to answer any Hetrea-related questions over on my art blog, and I also use that to introduce my characters and stories to any who are interested! I'm always actively in a state of world-building, so there'll never be an end of discoveries when it comes to Hetrea!



10/23/16:  "Trick or Treat 2" is now available for download from Mediafire! 

Click the 'Trick or Treat 2' button below to go to the download page! No Mediafire accound needed! Be sure to ONLY click the green 'Download' button once on Mediafire's site. If you have any issues downloading or running the game, please contact me in the comments of the ToT2 trailer on the SkyJam Youtube channel. ToT2 currently may not work on Apple devices.