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Welcome to Hetrea!

My name is Skyler, and Hetrea is the world where all of my stories take place!

You can click on the icons below for links to my various comics, games, and videos. Each icon represents a different series.

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Dot X

(Webcomic: 2013 - present)


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What started in 2004 as a group of elementary school friends pretending to be Sonic fan characters at recess has become my flagship series online.

DotX has evolved beyond its Sonic-related origin and is now a family friendly chapter-based comedy webcomic series about a group of young Mobians and Slimes.

The DotX Webcomic has nearly 500 pages and has been running for over 5 years!



(Podcast: 2018)


Episode Zero


Sea of Sand Neon Horizon

Caravan is a Real Play Podcast running the Tabletop Hetrea system, a D&D inspired system I've created to fit the world of Hetrea.

Two groups of players each carve their own unique path out of the same campaign!

Both groups adventures are being aired simultaneously, every two weeks.



Seamer Dex Community Project

(Community Project: 2016 - present)

Seamer Dex Community Project Blog:

SDCP (Outdated)

Seamers are my "Collectible Monster" franchise. Inspired by series I grew up with like Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher and Dragon Quest, I've been designing Seamers since before kindergarten!

After years of disorganized designs laying around and getting lost, I created The Seamer Dex Community Project as a way to make my self-organizing into a fun group project where fans could submit Seamer designs for me to draw as I worked on putting the Dex together.

The SDCP blog has fallen behind however, after most work on Seamers was moved to a now-defunct Discord Server. The first game to be made as a result of the SDCP is currently in production, so I'll have to catch the blog up with updated information soon!

Several old Seamer RPG Maker games can be found by scrolling down to the "Older Games" section below.


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About the Author

This is me!

Skyler Badalament-Tirrell

Hello! My name is Sky, I'm 25, and the Author/Artist of Hetrea and the various stories that take place on it.

Though I studied computer science at Adelphi University, my passion is on the artistc side of storytelling, and so I've been teaching myself digital art ever since.




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Though unrelated to Hetrea, I run a Youtube Gaming channel with some friends called "SkyJam"

Links to the channel and its assosiated social media are below:


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contact: skyjamofficial@gmail.com


Older Games:

When I was younger I made several small RPG makers games. Though many are non-canon to Hetrea now, they are still available here to download for posterity. 

Many, though not all, of these games feature graphics and music from pre-existing professional games, as I was young and still learning how to create something all on my own. That is the primary reason these games are kept in a separate section than my more recent projects.

Click a tab to see the information and the download link for the game in question. Unfortunately, none of these games run on IOS.


Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat 2


The latest game in this section, every element of ToT2 is created from scratch, and it absolutely holds up better than any other game down here.

ToT2 is a direct sequel to the first Trick or Treat- But this time there are tons of new mazes, modes and monsters! Every maze is acceccable from the main menu, so you can jump right to the difficulty that best suits you!

Download from Mediafire

Trick or Treat


Trick or treat is a maze game with a Halloween theme- But you're not alone in the maze, as a variety of monster species each with their own specific movement pattern are out to get you! Naviagte your way back home while avoiding these spooks across three difficulty settings.

Download from Mediafire

The Maze


This game is exactly what it sounds like, as well as being a spiritual ancestor of the Trick or Treat series. Navigate your way through a maze while avoiding the monsters that roam it with you! This game is, perhaps, unfairly difficult.

Download from Mediafire




In 2013 a friend of mine told me about a bizarre dream they had where their blood was made of thread, and they ventured across a desert repairing the cloth people who lived there at their own expense. They wanted me to make that dream into a game.

Tears is not a conventional game, and not a good game, but I hope you can still find enjoyment in it. It's very meloncholy, and nothing is explained to you. Beating it requires playing it over and over again until you learn enough to figure out the right order of things to do to reach the end.

You could say it's like a recurring dream, perhaps?

Download from Mediafire



Bluesky & Storm


For a long time, BSP was my flagship series in my mind. (Despite only being known about by a handful of people.) Taking place in the skyscraping "BlueSky Productions" tower, BSP was a series about the day-to-day lives of those who lived there. I was an hormonal teen as I originally wrote this series, and it shows.

Currently BSP is entirely non-canon to Hetrea, and its cast is being improved and reworked into a new story alltogether, but Bluesky & Storm will always be here as a tribute to what once was!

Download from Mediafire

In this game, you control both Bluesky AND Storm simultaneously, guiding them to their respective goals to progress through each of its levels!



Seamer World 2


Seamer World 2 is certainly the largest game in this "Older Games" category. A direct sequel to the story of Seamer World 1, SW2 takes everything in SW1 and does it more, with 50 Seamers to evolve into and new sprites for all of them!

I composed the music to this game myself, though unfortunately the cutscenes were my first attemp at non-pixel digital art, so they're a little rough to look at.

Download from Mediafire

Seamer World


Like how Digimon V-Pets eventually made the jump to Digimon World 1, Seamer Pet games gave way to Seamer World, a much larger game than the one-screen islands that came before it. Venture around the Seamer World battling and evolving to find fellow Seamers who will join and grow your settlement!

Download from Mediafire

Seamer Ver. Sea


Seamer Version Sea is an uniquely odd Seamer game. Though based around the same core eating and fighting mechanics as the Seamer Pet games, it takes place entirely underwater, features an herbivore/omnivore/carnivore system, and has graphics and music entirely made from scratch.

This is the first game where I made everything myself for it, and as primitive as it is I'm still pretty proud of it for that!

Download from Mediafire

Seamer Pet Games


The Seamer Pet series of games were my first attempt at making a game of any merit. Based on the original Digimon V-Pets with a little more room to explore, all five of these games take place on more or less the same island, with the Seamers available to battle and evolve into different in each one.

The goal is the same for each- Eat different colored foods to raise each of your stats, and win battles to evolve!

Ver 1


Ver 2


Ver 3


Ver 4


Ver 1+



Dot X

DotX Adventure


In 2011, before deciding to make DotX into a webcomic, I began making a DotX RPG Maker game, with what would end up as the chapter "Adventure" in the comic as its plot.

The game began development just after I'd removed the Sonic elements from the DotX canon, and so this game represents a bizarre transition period for DotX, where I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with some elements. (Such as the role and personality of Pudding's older brother)

Download from Mediafire

Ultimately, I realized that this game assumed a lot of context about the cast of it, and so I started putting together a small webcomic that would serve as an introduction to this game. In the end, the webcomic became my flagship series and this game became an odd little piece of DotX history!


Monster Island


While Monster Island started as a fun little challenge to see what kind of game I could make in RPG Maker using only sprites from the GBC Pokemon games, what I've accidently created here looking back is the first example of "Monsters" as they exist on Hetrea.

Looking back on Monster Island... This one's canon to Hetrea! Is it a decent game? No. But does it work as a simple story about a human who is studying the monsters that spawn on this isolated island void of sentient life? Absolutely.

It's funny how things work out that way!

Download from Mediafire


The Heartless Princess


When my mother was in high school, she wrote a fairy tale called "The Heartless Princess". She later wrote this story into a song, and I've heard it throughout my entire life.

Eventually I decided to write my own take on the story, fleshing out the characters and adding aspects from her other songs into it.

Part of my version of The Heartless Princess involves some characters already being familiar with my mother's version of the Heartless Princess, and so I created this game with the intention of it being an introduction to the fairy tale as my mother originaly wrote it.

All of the music in this game is arranged from my mother's music, because it's the greatest music to ever been written.

Download from Mediafire

This game is still canon on Hetrea, in a way.

When playing through this game, you're playing through a fairy tale that has been passed down through generations on Hetrea, which while based on true events, may have changed slightly over time.