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Bluesky and Storm

(䴀攀氀漀搀礀 䄀猀猀椀猀琀愀渀琀 㜀⸀㘀⸀㈀栀)


     Bluesky and Storm is a puzzle game that follows two parallel stories starring the titular characters as they navigate rooms, hallways, and what could be described as abusive relationships.

     In each stage, your goal is to direct both Bluesky and Storm to their goals at the same time.

    What unfolds is the introduction to the characters Bluesky and Storm, who are two of the most important characters I've ever created as far as Hetrea is concerned as a planet. Expect to see more games in the future that show exactly who they are and why they're important!



     The sprites here are all custom by me, and the tileset is the default for RPG Maker VXAce! This was my first game in VXAce and I was excited to use it.


     The soundtrack is made up of my arrangements of songs from the musical 'City of Angels'. I felt it fit, as both the musical and this game deal with parallels. Additionally, the music in that show is some of my favorite!