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Dot X Adventure

Treefort Fade
(Dot X Adventure)


     Years ago, shortly after finishing a game called 'Monster Island', I wanted to make a game based off the Dot X characters that me and my friends created in elementary school. Using a plot that we had written way back when, I crafted this game to honor these characters and my friends who created them.

     I realized though, that the characters would need some sort of introduction for those who are unfamiliar with them, and so I began to make the DotX Comic.

     The comic took off and became the primary canon of Dot X, leaving this game severely outdated, especially when compared to the games I've released since then.

     When I asked however, the fans of the comic (You, hopefully!) said they wanted a chance to play this game, and so here it is for all to enjoy!


Updated to Version 1.3

12 / 2 / 2014


     The tileset is Mack's realistic- the same one I used for 'The Maze'. All characters were sprited by me, and are notable off-model compared to their comic counterparts!


     This game is the missing link between me writing my own music and me using music from other games. Many of the tracks are original pieces, but those that aren't are a sort of Franken-songs. Songs put together by taking apart actual music and rearranging the pieces. Also, a bit of the RPG Maker XP default soundtrack is in there as the main theme. Oops!